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June 16, 2022

TikTok promotion in PR Club

❤️‍🔥 PR Club is an app developer for TikTok.

📲 The only app in the world that provides a service to get followers on TikTok by interests and promote videos to the TOP, with the possibility of earning on an affiliate program

1. Getting followers by interest

🙋‍♂️ The principle is very simple: the more people you invite through your link and the more you invite your invitees, the more subscribers you will have

Everyone you and your friends invite - subscribe to your TikTok

Copy your link and send to your friends

Interest a blogger and you can get 1 million subscribers in 1 day

Or you can not invite yourself, but simply buy yourself subscribers - these are living people, just like you. They come from our advertisements or from other members

Subscriber cost - 0.15 $ (this is a target subscriber for selected interests)

You can place an order in your personal account by clicking the BUY button

2. Earnings on an affiliate program

🤝 By inviting friends through your link, you get not only subscribers, but you also get 30% from each of their payments

Activation cost 14 $ (100% cashback from the first friend in the first 24 hours)

By inviting 10 people who pay 14 $ each, your earnings are 42 $;
By inviting 100 people who pay 14 $ each, your earnings are 420 $;
By inviting 1,000 people who pay 14 $ each, your earnings are 4,200 $

Help your friends to understand the PR Club and make money on payments all the time

3. Promotion of video to the TOP

🤩 Post content on your TikTok that will automatically appear in the smart feed of the TikTok PR Club app and other members will interact with your videos, which will get you into TikTok recommendations and you will get additional views from potential subscribers

4. Community with bloggers

👨‍💻 These are chats with PR Club members, where you can find bloggers and make mutual PR with them

5. Marathon, video ideas

🌏 This is a separate channel where you will receive daily tasks to promote your TikTok from bloggers and experts. And also you can participate in drawings and win money

Soon you will be able to earn tokens by completing tasks for other participants, and exchange tokens for real money